We think that Northumberland is great.

As a landscape it's is both beautiful and dramatic, and as a business community it's not too far off either.

We have large businesses shipping Internationally and we have sole traders selling to their immediate neighbours.

And each person in each of these businesses is as important as each other.  

Everyone is a cog within a wheel, no matter how big your wheel is.

We recently attended an event highlighting the benefits of the county to school pupils to explain why they didn't have to travel to Newcastle or Edinburgh or even move to That London to find the opportunities that they seek.

Opportunities are there to be made.

So it is for this reason that we have created Network Northumberland.  A local business networking community for local businesses.

We for one are sick of trecking to Newcastle for a networking meeting, expo or seminar.  It takes a chunk time out of our already busy working days to get there and back which means that the concept of "popping to an expo for a wander" is out of the question.

Think of all of the business opportunities that we must have missed.

The aim of Network Northumberland is to bring together local business owners and descision makers to meet new contacts - be they of immediate use or for the back burner.

We're kicking it off with an Expo

The aim will be to organise a monthly get together - nothing too formal but likewise not too relaxed.  We've all either been to an event where we have been put on the spot to present a 60 second pitch and we've all been to one where we have to walk into a room full of strangers and just start talking.

We're going for the middle ground.

It will be somewhere relaxed - probably a pizza restaurant - where we can all grab a bite, have some introductions made and network in a social way.

B2B Networking for Northumberland.

Alnwick, Rothbury, Morpeth, Wooler, Berwick, Hexham