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As the name suggests, we're networking in Northumberland!

If - like us - you can't find the "right" type of networking group for your needs, then give us a go.

Having spent many years going from group to group to find the right fit (and coming close on a couple of occassions!) we've decided to do it ourselves.

We don't like the formality of some - pitches to the room, speed networking and introductions.

We don't like the informality of others - turning up to an event with no structure and being forced to launch into the room blindfolded.

We don't like the early starts of most - we have young familes and leaving the house at 6am is not only impossible but crime-worthy by our other halves!

So here is a compromise;

How about we go for a pizza?  We can get to the venue after work, sit down and order.  We'll make an introduction and tell you what it's about then a quick round the table to find out who's here.  This is your opportunity to switch seats next to someone you'd like to talk to (and we promise not to take offence!) then time to eat and greet.


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B2B Networking for Northumberland.

Alnwick, Rothbury, Morpeth, Wooler, Berwick, Hexham